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red and gray double two person mummy sleeping bag

Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Winterial strives to provide our customers with quality affordable products that will help lead to the ultimate adventure. The Winterial double mummy bag has a +20 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating. Our bag is designed to sleep 2 people comfortably and is made with a micro polyester lining. This sleeping bag is not only durable, but it offers superior warmth with its design and 2 separate hoods.

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Your Hideaway

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Our Winterial team spent extra time designing this Teepee Tent. Our goal was to create a simple, easy to setup tent that is capable of holding many people and can be carried easily to any location. We have achieved this with our Winterial 6-7 person Teepee Tent! With the 4 step setup process, we can get this tent up in less than 5 MINUTES! This is the perfect family camping tent for any family camping trip. We also designed this tent to be lightweight, easy to take down and put away to decrease the well known hassle of doing so. 

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