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Winterial Back Trail Snowshoes 25-Inch Lightweight Hybrid Blue, Includes Poles and Carry Bag


DIMENSIONS 25.5"x8.5"
DECK MATERIAL Polymer / Aluminium
CRAMPON MATERIAL Coated Carbon Steel
POLES Aluminium / Anti-lock

The PERFECT All-In-One Snowshoe!
Our Winterial team is comprised of outdoor adventurists that enjoy the same experiences you do. Since we understand the needs of other outdoor enthusiasts, we have designed the perfect snowshoes for you! Our Winterial snowshoes are expertly crafted to fit the needs of experts and beginners alike. The aluminum frame and teeth treads help to keep you above the snow and maintain structural integrity. The heel strap will give you increased traction when climbing hills. This recreational snowshoe is a one of a kind, built for the mountains and built to last. Tackle the backcountry snow with ultimate grip and comfort in any snowshoeing condition! Benefits of these snowshoes:

- 25.5"L x 8.5"W
- Lightweight
- 2 Anti-shock poles included
- Carry bag included
- Durability on the mountain

We have also included 2 snowshoe poles in this package. These poles are adjustable to your height and also have anti-shock technology that helps to give you increased comfort. Our Winterial snowshoes and poles are a must have for your next winter adventure, be sure to grab yours today!

Questions & Answers

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  • I am brand new to snowshoes and this is probably a dumb question. What is the metal piece next to the heel?

    Everyone starts somewhere! Would love to invite you to the sport:) The metal peice is a heel lift. So when you are on an incline it makes it easier to climb the hill and prevents fatigue. 

  • How does one put the cup-like deals on the snow shoe poles?

    These snow baskets should be screwed onto the bottom with the "cup" facing down. 

  • Are these snow shoes good for flat ground?

    Yes they are! Both these and this model are great:

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