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Winterial Underquilt Hammock

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- Built with water resistant 20D nylon built to last any adventure. 
- 90% white duck down blend: the perfect combination for heat retention and wear resistance 
- 240lb weight limit
- Under quilt dimensions: 82x54in
- Hammock dimensions: 87x40in
- Machine Washable
- Weight 2.3lbs

Looking for warmth while sleeping in your hammock? This Winterial under quilt hammock is built to keep you warm throughout the night and secure with optimal fit technology from Winterial. Built with a shell of 20D nylon and filled with 90% goose down, you will have the ultimate outdoor experience. Tree ties included with the product will help to facilitate a quick and easy set up. Durability in this hammock comes standard as many of the Winterial products carry. With a 240lb weight limit, the tree straps and precision stitched under quilt will support the load. The under quilt dimensions: 82x54in, hammock dimensions: 87x40in. 

Our hammock was built to be water resistant and machine washable, so dont worry about getting it dirty on your trip! Perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking and traveling the outdoors. As fellow adventures, we have take this product out for a test and loved it. Staying warm under the stars is a great feeling, order yours today! 

Questions & Answers

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  • How big is the quilt in the stuff sack?

    10" x 6" x 6"

  • What are the packed or stuffed dimensions of the pair? I understand the weight but I want to know how small I can get it for a pack. Thanks a lot.

    12" x 9 " x 6"

  • What is the weight?

    This lightweight hammock only weighs: 2.3lbs! 

  • Is this a hammock and a quilt or just a hammock?

    Its both! A hammock and a down quilt. The quilt is removable so you can use it as a summer hammock as well:) 

  • What is the temp. rating for the underquilt?

    30-40 degrees fahrenheit

  • Is it waterproof?

    It is water resitant but not waterproof. 

  • Is the 2.3 lbs weight for just the hammock or the hammock and quilt and suspension?

    That is the wieght of the hammock and underquilt. Total weight with suspension equipment is 3.3lbs.

  • Do you sell just the underquilt

    At this time it is just the underquilt and hammock together. 

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