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Winterial Coffee Percolator

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Brew a great cup of java even if you’re miles away from your favorite barista! The Winterial percolator set makes coffee for two and comes with a pair of matching cups. It’s easy to use. Just fill the bottom reservoir with water, add ground coffee to the basket, top with the filter and screw the entire setup together. Place it over a direct flame (heat source not included), place your cup under the spout, and your piping hot coffee will be ready in about five minutes. This durable, compact coffeemaker comes with a carrying bag and, at just 1.3 pounds, it’s a great choice for backpacking and hiking trips. Stow it with your other camping cookware so it’s ready to go with you on your next outdoor adventure.


DIMENSIONS: Percolator: 9.5” tall x 4” wide.  Cups: 4” tall x 3” wide

WEIGHT: 1.3 pounds

CAPACITY: Reservoir holds 14 ounces of water to brew two servings

OPERATION: Place unit over a direct flame. Heat source not included!

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  • I can't seem to find information about the materials used in this percolator. What are the bottom reservoir, cups and top made of. They look like titanium, but I would think that would be advertised. Thank you!

    The bottom reservoir is made from hard anodized aluminum. 

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